Online Casino SCR888 Malaysia

Online gambling has been growing at a very high rate in Malaysia and all its neighbouring countries in Asia. One of the online casinos that contributed to this sharp rise is SCR888 Malaysia. This Online Casino has been around for just 5 years but it has built a huge userbase that many other older casinos failed to build.

The innovation by SCR888 technical and management teams should be given credit for this growth. With the tight competition in the gambling industry, it is not an easy task to step and be among the most reliable online casinos in the land. But SCR888 has been able to step up for the challenge and they have done a pretty good job in the last five years.

For those who need to know more about this online casino, this article is for you. We are going to take you through all the important details about this online casino and how you can get started playing their games.

What is SCR888

SCR888 is an online casino platform that is based in Malaysia and can be accessed from both mobile phones and personal computers. The secret behind the growth of this online casino is the quality of their services. Ever since they got into business five years back, they have consistently added good quality games to their platform without compromising the quality of other crucial services like customer support.

Here are the reasons behind SCR888’s rise to fame

1.   They have reliable customer support

SCR888 treats all its customer queries with urgency. This is the reason why they have a dedicated customer support team that is always ready to give you feedback whenever you have any issues or questions about their services. You can get in touch with their customer support via a wide range of platforms that include; telegram (017 2588 949), WeChat (kaptencuci), and WhatsApp (+6014 784 5358). These are all available 24/7.

2.   They have a wide variety of games to choose from

When you sign in into your SCR888 account, you will be welcome by a good number of games in many categories that you can choose from. Most of their games are developed by some of the best developers in the gaming industry like SpadeGaming and PlayEnt. Some of the game categories available on SCR888 include; slot games, fishing games, Live table games, and many more.

3.   They have a well-built mobile application

The experience your customers get while using your website and mobile app has a very big impact on how fast your mobile application will be adopted. SCR888 used a talented team of developers that did a great job of designing a mobile application that has high definition graphics and an easy to use interface. This makes interacting with the mobile app not only easy but also fun.

How to download SCR888 on Phone and PC

The SCR888 mobile application is available for both PC and mobile phone users. For mobile phone users, you will need an android or iOS device to be able to install this app. PC users will have to install additional software (that we are going to discuss in a bit) to enable them to run the android apk on their PCs.

Downloading the app for Android devices

To download the SCR888 app on your android device, go to their download page and follow the link of the Android app. After downloading this app, you will find the downloaded file in the download folder of your file manager. To install the application onto your phone, simply click the file and follow the normal installation procedure of installing apps that are outside the official Google Play store.

Downloading the app for iOS devices

The iOS app is available in two versions i.e. for the models before the iPhone 5s (iPhone 5 and earlier) and the models after the iPhone 5 (iPhone 5s and newer). To download this app, visit the SCR888 download page and click on the link that your iPhone model falls under. 

Please note that downloading the wrong version of the app will affect its performance. The installation procedure for the app is also available on the download page. So, follow it carefully to avoid getting issues while installing and using the app

Downloading the app for PCs

If you own a pc, you can run this app using an android emulator like Bluestucks or NoxPlayer. All you will have to do is download the android apk and save it in a directory on your pc that you can easily recall. Then install an Android app emulator. Open the emulator and install the app just like you would on a normal android device.

Popular Games on SCR888

SCR888 has lots of games but some of their most popular games include the following;

ZombieGrave, ZhaoCaiJinBao, Wukong, WongChoy, Witch, WildFox ,WesternRanch, Wealth, WaterMargin, Victory, Unicons, Twister, T-REX, Treasureisland ,TreasureChase, TouchDown, TopGun, ThunderBold, ThreeKingdoms, TheDiscovery, Thai, TallyHo, StoneAge, SteamTower, Spartan, SinglePick, Silver, SicBo, ShiningStars, Shark, SeaWorld, Seasons, SeaCaptain, Samurai, SAFARIHeat, Roulettle73, Roulettle24, Roulettle12, Roulettle, RobinHood ,ReelClassic, RanchStory, Rally, Prosperity, PritateShip, PolarAdventures, PokerThree, Pokemon, Pirate, Phoenix, PayDirt, PantherMoon, PanjinLian, Panda, Oz, Orient, OhMyHero, OceanParadise, OceanKing, NianNianYouYu, MysticChina, MotorBike, MonkeyStory, MonkeySlots, MoneyFever, MoneyBunny, MagicalSpin, LUPIN, LiKuiPiYu, LicenseToWin, Laura, KingDerby, Kimochi, JinQianWa, JAPAN, IrishLuck, InTheShell, India, ICELAND, HuluCock, HoldEm, HighWay, HalloweenParty, HalloweenFortune, GreenLuck, Greenlight, GreatStars, GreatBlue, GoldRush, GoldenTree, GoldenTour, GoldenSlut, GoldenLotus, GoldCoin, GodOfWealth, Girls, Garden, Fruit, FortunePanda, FORTUNE, ForestDance, FootBall, FiveDragon, FishingStar, FengShen, Fame, Fashion, FairyGarden, EmperorGate, Easter, DragonTiger, DragonMaiden, DragonGold, Dragon, DoubleBonus, DolphinReef, DaShengNaoHai, Crystal, Crazy7, CoyoteCash, CorhtailPatty, CookiePop, Cleopatra, Circus, CherryLove, CheeseInTheTrap, CasinoWar, Captain, Bulls, BoyKing, Boxing, BonusBears, BlackJack, BisonRampage, BigShot, Belangkai, BattleWorld, BallSlots, Baccarat, Aztec, ANightOut, AncientForest, Amazon, Aladdin, Alice, and AfricanWildLife


a)   How to download SCR888?

Downloading the SCR888 app is pretty simple on all platforms. You simply have to visit their download page. You will find three download options and you can choose one depending on the device you have. Pc users should download the android apk that will be run on their PCs using an android emulator.

b)  Is there an SCR888 Hack?

The hack we can give you if you want to win cash at SCR888 is to always focus on mastering the rules first before you start betting high stakes. This will reduce the margin of loss in the first days when you’re learning.

c)   Is SCR888 playable on PC?

Yes, SCR888 is playable on the pc. All you need is to install an Android app emulator that you will then use to install the android apk on your pc. The procedure for installing this apk within the emulator is similar to that used while installing the app on a normal android device.