918Kiss Online Casino Malaysia

Several online casinos operate in Malaysia and the neighbouring countries but 918Kiss online casino is still the leading online casino in the region. This fact is even confirmed by Google trends. 918Kiss online casino was originally called SCR888 but rebranded in 2018 to 918Kiss. The rebranding made it even more popular mainly because the name 918Kiss sounds sexier than the previous name.

Besides the sexy name, this online casino also has 5-star services that have attracted lots of new customers and also kept the existing ones. If you haven’t used 918Kiss before, this article is for you. And even if you have used this platform before, you will likely discover a couple of new things that you didn’t know about 918Kiss.

What is 918Kiss

It is an online casino platform based in Malaysia that can only be accessed through a mobile application. It was started in 2015 as SCR888 and later its name was changed to 918Kiss in 2018. This online casino has been consistently growing in recent years thanks to improvement in the quality of services they offer to their users.

Some of the other core reasons that have led to the rapid growth of this online casino include the following;

1.   The quality of their games

Having a smooth mobile application and well-built games is one of the reasons playing at 918kiss has always been a fun experience for most online casino players that play at this casino. The reason behind the quality of their games is their choice of game development companies they partner with. Some of the companies that they partner with include; Spade Gaming and Realtime Gaming (RTG). These two companies have a good reputation when it comes to building online casino games.

2.   Their website is safe and secure

Ever since 918kiss was started, it has never got any instances of hackers stealing people’s money or accessing their private information. The reason behind this is the huge investment that 918kiss has put into its cybersecurity infrastructure. The platform also uses 128-bit encryption that ensures all data and credit card information of their customers is not accessed by any third-party entity.

3.   918Kiss is honest about its promises

When you win cash after playing a certain game on 918Kiss, the cash won will be automatically added to your balance and will also be available for withdrawing within the promised timeframe. 918Kiss is not like the online casinos that make withdrawing payouts seem like hell to their customers. With 918Kiss, withdrawing your funds is as easy as depositing.

They only put a couple of security measures to make sure your account is safe from anyone that may try to access your funds without your authorization

4.   The platform has good graphics and an easy to use user interface

The user interface is what someone interacts with while playing games at an online casino. Even if the game is well built, if the application has a poor-quality user interface, it will be hard for players to have fun while playing games at such a casino. 918Kiss frequently updates its user interface to make it even easier to use and more interactive.

How to download 918Kiss on phone and pc

Another good thing about 918Kiss is it can be used both on the phone and on the pc. Their mobile application can be installed on Android and iOS devices directly. For pc users, this application will require an extra step that we are going to share with you in a bit.

Downloading 918Kiss for Android

If you have an Android phone, you can download the 918Kiss apk from this link. When you click this link, you should see three options of 918kiss apps that you can download. Click on the one for android and download it. After the file has fully downloaded, you can then install it using the normal installation procedure for android apps downloaded outside the Play store.

Downloading the 918kiss app for PC users

If you want to access this application via your computer, you will have to first install an android app player. It is through this player that you will install the 918kiss apk that you downloaded for android. When you get to the android app player, the installation procedure is similar to that used while installing any android application. You can download the apk file from here.

Downloading the 918kiss app for iOS users

This app is also available for iOS but you will have to download it from an external source and not App store like you do for most of the apps. To get this app, head to the download page of 918kiss and choose the iOS app link for your device. You will see two links for iOS apps. One is for older iPhones and the other is for newer ones. choose one based on the model of iPhone you are using. 

Get 918Kiss free credits

When you visit 918kiss and signup for your very first time, you will be given free credits that you can use to place bets on any of the games on this platform. These credits are real and they can win you real cash in case you make the right bet. While using them, have this at the back of your mind. Some other free credits are also given out while playing certain games. These are called in-game credits.

918Kiss Test ID

918kiss made it possible for those people that want to first have a feel of the app before submitting their user information. This can be done by using the test ID login option. You can use the following credentials as your test ID; user name: test1000 ~ test10000 and password: 1234. With these credentials, you will be given access to the platform so that you test how it works before signing up.

918Kiss FAQ

a) How to download the 918Kiss

To download the 918kiss mobile app, head to this link and click on one of the three download links based on the device you are having. Installing the apps is done by using the procedures used for the installation of apps that are not downloaded from the official app stores

b)  Is there a 918Kiss hack?

918Kiss is one of the most secure casinos, so no one should lie to you that they have ways of getting you free spins by hacking 918Kiss systems. There are lots of scammers online who are ready to steal your hard-earned cash. So be aware of them.

c) Is 918Kiss playable on PC?

918kiss can be played on pc using an android app player since there is no official app for Microsoft windows. So, you will have to first install an Android app player like NoxPlayer or Bluestucks and then install the android apk through app player. The procedure for installing the app is similar to that used in android devices.