Mega888 Online Casino Malaysia

In this competitive online casino industry, it is only those online casinos with great services that can make it to the top and be trusted by many customers. Mega888 online casino is one of those few casinos that have a good reputation in Malaysia and the surrounding countries. If you haven’t heard about Mega888, worry not because that’s what this article is about.

We are going to share with you all the important details about mega888 and how you can get started playing at this casino using their 5-star mobile application.

What is Mega888

Mega888 is a mobile app-based online casino platform based in Malaysia. Besides Malaysia, this online casino also operates in a couple of other countries in Southeast Asia that include; Cambodia, Thailand, and Singapore. Most of the people involved in gambling within these countries have at least ever played at this casino or have an idea about what this casino is all about.

Being among the most trusted casinos in the region happens for a reason. Some of the reasons why so many people trust mega888 online casino include the following;

1.   They have a wide variety of games

One of the most important aspects that online casino players look at before trusting any online casino is the number of games they have. With a variety of games, even a newbie can find one that they love to play. The games that are available on this platform include the following; slot games, fishing games, shooting games, arcade games, and many live table games like poker, roulette, baccarat, etc. You can play any of these games right from your mobile device or pc.

2.   Reliable 24/7 customer support

This is also one of the reasons why many gamblers in southeast Asia trust this online casino. Mega888 has a dedicated team whose main role is to attend to all the queries of their clients. You don’t have to wait for days to get feedback like it is with many other casinos. At mega888, you will get feedback from customer support within a few hours or minutes based on how you contacted them. The most reliable way of getting prompt feedback is by contacting their support team via WhatsApp.

3.   Reliable and flawless mobile application

You don’t have to use a Pc to play games at mega888. All you need is your mobile device. You can seamlessly play all the games at this online casino right from your mobile phone using their app. The mega888 mobile app is very smooth and fast. It is also available for all the two most famous mobile phone operating systems i.e. Android and iOS. We shall share with you how to download the mobile app on both of these operating systems later in the article.

4.   Easy to make deposits and cashouts

Making deposits and getting your cash out is so easy with mega888. They have a wide range of payment methods that are used to process their payments. Some of the most common ones include; Eeziepay, help2pay, and bank transfer. There are several other payment methods that you can to process payments. So, you can choose one that your most comfortable with.

How to download Mega888 on Phone and PC

Downloading the mega888 application is a simple process for both the pc and mobile phones. Let’s briefly look at the procedure for downloading this app on iOS, Android, and Pc.

Downloading mega888 app on iOS devices

To download the mega888 mobile app on your iOS devices, click here. When you get to the download page, you will see 3 options. Choose one based on the device you have. The iOS app has two versions of the app that is; for iPhone 5 and earlier and also for iPhones released after the iPhone 5. The separation of the two apps was made to ensure both the new and old generation iPhones get the best experience on the platform. To install this app, you will have to follow the normal procedures of installing apps outside the official app store.

Downloading mega888 app on Android devices

For android users, the apk for this app is here. Amongst the three options that you will see when you get to that link, choose the one for android. The downloaded app will go to the download folder of your phone’s file manager. Simply click it, and follow the normal installation procedure to have this app installed on your device. But before installing it, you will have to allow the installation of apps outside the official Google play store

Downloading mega888 app on your pc

This app is not officially supported on windows. So, you will have to run the android apk of this app on your pc using an android emulator like NoxPlayer. When you get to NoxPlayer, the downloading and installation procedures are similar to those of Android devices.

Get Mega888 free credit promotions

After signing up on mega888, you will be given free credits as a way of welcoming you to the platform. These free credits can be used to play any game on the platform and even stand a chance to win cash like you would if you had deposited real cash.

Besides the welcome free credits, mega888 also has in-game free credits that are got while playing games. These credits can also be used to place bets on the next games and even stand a chance of winning real cash.

Mega888 Test ID

If you want to test how mega888 works without signing up, you can use this test ID to sign in and test any of the games of your choice. The testing details for mega888 are as follows; username: test1 – test10000, Password: Aa1234.

Mega888 FAQ

a)   How to download Mega888?

Downloading the mega888 mobile application is an easy process for both android and iOS devices. For windows users, you will run the mobile application for Android devices using the android emulators like Bluestucks or NoxPlayer.

b)  Is there a Mega888 Hack?

The hack for winning games at Mega888 is choosing a few games you want to play and then sticking to those. This will give you a chance to fully concentrate and learn all the rules and the right strategies for playing the few games you will have chosen.

c)   Is Mega888 playable on PC?

Yes, it is very possible to play mega888 on your pc. All you need is the Android app apk, an android emulator, and of course your pc. First, you will install the Android app emulator and then install the android apk within the emulator. The installation procedure is similar to that of installing any app on an Android device.